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Hey Alex, check out the Raise the Wage Act: 3 of our nonprofits oppose it and one supports it, what do you think?
I like it
Excellent. 47% of your district opposes it though. Want to write Sen. Schuyler to keep him in check?
Not a problem. I’ll keep you posted as the bill progresses.
Bad news. Sen. Schuyler just publicly opposed the Mar-A-Lago act. We need to write him!
Honorable Sen. Philip SchuylerIt is imperative you support The Raise the Wage Act (S.1242).According to the Economic Policy Institute: Employers that pay low wages fore their workers to turn to safety-net programs for support, at significant cost to taxpayers.Manhattan relies on you to be our voice. Your integrity is more important now than ever.Sincerely,
Alexander H.
Alphabet City
I put together this letter for you. Want me to send it or would you like to edit it?
Looks good to me
Postcard or digital?
Email works
Your e-mail is on it's way to Sen. Schuyler. Go Team 🇺🇸
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